Aerial Work

BaltService LLC is pleased to offer for your attention the areal works of various complexity in the North-West region of the Russian Federation on MI-8, MI-8MTV, EC120B helicopters. Types of aviation works:

  • air transportation of passengers and cargo in the North-West Federal District;
    • Passenger transportation by charter flights on airplanes and helicopters, including transportation of VIPs
    • Cargo transportation by helicopters inside the fuselage
    • aerial survey and aerial photography;
  • Aerial surveys on Mi-8T, EC120B helicopters for the following purposes:
    • Digital aerial photography
    • Aeromagnetic prospecting
    • Environmental imagery
    • Film production (Television and filming) In addition to participating in the filming of films, television programs and music videos. Upon your request we can provide other helicopters produced by Airbus Helicopters, Bell, Robinson.
  • air patrolling;
    • Monitoring of pipelines, power lines, etc.
    • construction and assembly and handling operations on Mi-8 helicopters;
      • Installation of towers, towers, supports and various large-sized structures, installation and replacement of large air conditioners, as well as all kinds of equipment on the roofs of high-rise buildings.
      • transportation of cargo on an external suspension on helicopters Mi-8;
        • The maximum payload capacity of the Mi-8 helicopter is 5-5 tons.